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Arlington Facility Use Information

Unitarian Universalist Church of Cambria

Unitarian Universalist Church of Cambria

Unitarian Universalist Church of Cambria

For UUCC Facility Use Application and Agreement form

Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria  FACILITY USE POLICY              

Operations Committee                                                                                                                        

(adopted by the UUCC Board of Trustees, Feb. 17, 2020)                                                                                       

The facility located at 786 Arlington St., Cambria, CA (known as “the Arlington”) is designated as a church recognized by the State of California for the purpose of promoting the mission of the UUCC.


  • All activities at the Arlington shall be considered a function of the UUCC directly or indirectly.

  • UUCC will not engage in renting the Arlington.

  • Facility Use Application Form: The host or liaison of each activity shall submit a completed application including the following conditions:

    • Recurring or non-recurring

    • Open or closed to the public

    • Alcohol consumption

    • For recurring, financial arrangement


  • The UUCC Administrator shall be responsible for authorizing and scheduling all activities to be held at the Arlington.

  • Authorization for use of the Arlington will be based on meeting any  of the following criteria:

    • The activity is named in the mission statement of the UUCC By-Laws   (i.e. Sunday services)

    • The activity directly supports the functioning of the UUCC business       (i.e. board meetings, committee meetings)

    • The activity is hosted or sponsored by a UUCC member in good standing

    • The activity does not conflict with, work against, or deny any of the UU Seven Principles and/or the UUCC Covenant

  • The Administrator is authorized to determine if an activity requested meets the minimum requirement(s). If the request is denied, the host has the option to challenge the denial with the Operations Committee who will be authorized by vote to uphold or overturn the denial.

  • The host or liason of a recurring event indirectly connected to the UUCC shall submit a BOE-267-O to the State Assessor. (see Welfare Exemption Claim grid)


  • Non-Recurring Events: The following activities will be exempt from financial transactions (revenue for the UUCC and payment to the host)

    • One-off activities (celebrations, memorial services, concerts, special meetings)

    • Church business (board meetings, committee meetings, choir rehearsals)

    • Social and Environmental Justice activities


  • Recurring Events: There is an expectation that recurring activities will provide a portion of its revenue with the UUCC. The following outlines the collection process:

    1. Free will (or “love”) basket shall be present at each meeting and mentioned by the host

    2. The money collected at the event shall be counted with a witness, placed in an envelope provided, with the name of the event, date, counter, witness, and total amount recorded on the envelope

    3. The filled envelope will be placed in a lock box located in the office near the SE door

    4. The administrator will collect the contents of the lock box on a weekly basis (or greater frequency as needed) to be recorded then deposited in the UUCC bank account


  • Host Compensation: Payment to the host shall be arranged between the host and the administrator; the resulting arrangement will be noted on the Facility Use Application Form.



  • Alcoholic Beverage Policy:

    • Alcohol served at public (open door) activities is prohibited

    • Alcohol served at private (closed door) activities is permitted

    • All State rules and laws that apply to any private social function apply as well to private functions at the Arlington.

    • The sale of alcohol at the Arlington is strictly prohibited at all times.

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