The Arlington facility is available for rent to any individual or group whose purpose is not contrary with the UUCC mission.  The facility was fully remodeled in 2013 and consists of an entrance lobby, a sanctuary/meeting hall that includes a refreshment center and two ADA compliant unisex toilets.  Exterior and interior ramps allow full access by individuals in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Furniture available for use in 1,200 square foot sanctuary are 50 padded chairs, several folding tables and a lectern.  A sound system, overhead projection and keyboard are also available for additional fees.  To read the Facility User Policy and Facility Rental Policy and for the rental form                        

Any questions regarding rentals or availability should be directed to Janet Cooper at:

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Arlington Rental Information Facility Rentals

 FACILITY USE FEE SCHEDULE (rev. 7/20/2013)   

Non-Profit Org. / UUCMember: 

Hourly     Day        Deposit Fee  

$10.00    $60.00    $100.00

For-Profit Org. / Non UUCC Member:

Hourly     Day        Deposit Fee

$30.00     $200.00  $100.00

Audio/Visual: $30 per event

Keyboard: $10 per event


 Insurance Coverage Minimum

  • Certificate of General Liability: $1,000,000

  • Certificate of Property Liability: $50,000

Clean-Up Guidelines

  1. Turn off both heaters.

  2. Turn off A/V system and keyboard/amp.

  3. Clean counters, sinks, and floors as needed (cleaning supplies are in the closet by the SW entrance).

  4. Empty refuse in bins located outside the SE corner of the building.

  5. Return room to its original configuration (refer to posted seating charts).

  6. Check all four exterior doors to insure both knobs and deadbolts are in the locked position.

  7. Return the key to the drop box located near the SE door.

Facilities Committee

  • Current members of the Facilities Committee and its Chairperson are posted in the Board of Trustee's directory.

  • Annually, a member of the Facilities Committee will be selected internally to serve as the Facilities Chairperson whose duties include approving Facility Use Application/Agreement forms.

  • When necessary, the Facilities Chairperson will assign a designee from the Facilities Committee.    

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