Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria

786 Arlington St., Cambria, CA 93428

Phone: 805-395-4055 Web Site: www.uuccambria.org

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 64, Cambria, CA 93428

Facility Use Application and Agreement

Event Title__________________________________________________ Application Date____________

Name of Organization:__________________________________________________________________

Name of Coordinator:______________________________________ UUCC Member? Yes____No_____

UUCC Function? No____ Yes____ Committee Chair Authorization______________________________


Non-Profit? No____ Yes____ Non-Profit Tax ID Number:___________________________________

Proof of Insurance__________________________________________ Public Event? Yes____ No____

Insurance Co. / Policy No.

Purpose/Description of Event:____________________________________________________________

Date(s) of Event:_________________________________________ Time: Start_______ Finish_______

Recurring? No____ Yes____ Daily___ Weekly___ Monthly___ Annually___Ending Date___________

Attendance Estimate: Adults________ Children________ Refreshments Served? Yes_____ No______

Use of Audio/Visual System ($30 fee) _______ (initial)


Print Name and Position


Street City State Zip

Email:__________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________

_____________________________________ _________________

Signature Date


Use Fee Paid: __________ __________ _________ Event Index No. ____________

Amount Date Check #

Deposit _________ _________ _________ Deposit Returned _________ _________ _________

Amount Date Check # Check # Treasurer Initials Date

Proof of Insurance Attached __________ (initial) Fee Type: Comp_____ NP_____ Pro______

Reviewed by:___________________________________________________ __________________

Facilities Committee Member (UUCC Rep) Date

Approved? Yes _____ No______Reason:________________________________________________

Approved by: ____________________________________________________ __________________

Signature of Facilities Chair Date

Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria



Non-Profit Org. / UUCC Member: $10 $60 $100

For-Profit Org. / Non UUCC Member: $30 $200 $100

Audio/Visual: $30 per event

Insurance Coverage Minimum

Certificate of General Liability: $1,000,000

Certificate of Property Liability: $50,000

Clean-Up Guidelines

1. Turn off both heaters.

2. Turn off A/V system and keyboard/amp.

3. Clean counters, sinks, and floors as needed (cleaning supplies are in the closet by the SW entrance).

4. Empty refuse in bins located outside the SE corner of the building.

5. Return room to its original configuration (refer to posted seating charts).

6. Close all blinds and curtains.

7. Turn off all lights and bathroom fans.

8. Check all four exterior doors to insure both knobs and deadbolts are in the locked position.

9. Return the key to the drop box located near the SE door.

Facilities Committee

 Current members of the Facilities Committee and its Chairperson are posted in the Board of Trustee’s directory.

 Annually, a member of the Facilities Committee will be selected internally to serve as the Facilities Chairperson

whose duties include approving Facility Use Application/Agreement forms.

 Annually, a member of the Facilities Committee will be selected internally to serve as the UUCC representative to

review and disposition Facility Use Application/Agreement forms.

 When necessary, the Facilities Chairperson will assign a designee from the Facilities Committee.

Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria

FACILITY USER POLICY (rev. 02/10/2014)

1. Disclaimer: The applicant shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria,

its officers, agents, employees, and congregation from all claims or demands for injury to any person associated with the

applicant and for losses to the applicant’s property arising out of the use of this agreement. UUCC bears no responsibilities

for the content and any subsequent consequences of these events not directly related to or sponsored by the UUCC.

2. Use Guideline: The UUCC encourages the use of this facility for advancing a positive social objective or promoting the

general welfare of the wider community and encourages users to be sensitive to the facility’s use as a place of gathering,

worship, and caring by our church family.

3. Advertising: Print ads, posters, publicity releases, flyers, and web information shall specify that meetings are held at the

Facility rather than using language which may imply that there is sponsorship by or affiliation with UUCC, and must be preapproved

by a UUCC representative before distribution. _____ (initial)

4. Use Limit: The Applicant shall use the facility for only those activities described in the application and only those facilities


5. Supervision: The Applicant shall provide and be responsible for adult supervision of children while on the premises during

the set-up, the event, and the clean-up.

6. Compliance: The Applicant shall comply with all local, state, and federal government regulations and all UUCC policies

regarding use of the premises.

7. Regulations: The UUCC reserves the right to establish the rules and regulations which it deems necessary for the safety,

care, and cleanliness of the premises.

8. Available Hours: Open: 8 AM, Mon – Fri; 9 AM Sat – Sun.

Close: 10 PM, Sun – Thur; 11 PM, Fri - Sat.

9. Curfew Hours: 9 PM Sunday thru Thursday and 10 PM Friday and Saturday. All published event times must end at

curfew. The Arlington facility is located in a building with adjoining professional offices. Loud music or other noisy events

are not suitable during regular Mon - Fri office hours.

10. Set-up / Clean-up: One hour will be granted before the start of the event for set-up and one hour after the event for cleanup.

The event must be scheduled to allow for set-up and clean-up within the available hours (see #8 above). The noise level

must be kept to a minimum during set-up and clean-up.

11. Smoking: The entire Arlington facility and parking adjacent parking area is a smoke-free zone.

12. Alcohol Use: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be served in the Facility.

13. Parking: Parking is available in the adjacent parking lot, the overflow lot near the public restrooms, and on the streets as the

county ordinances allow. On-site parking: During business hours from 8 AM – 6 PM Mon –Sat, there are two on-site

parking spaces available. All other vehicles must park in the overflow lots or on the street.

14. Occupancy: The maximum occupancy of the Arlington facility is 70 persons.

15. Furniture: The facility has 54 stackable padded chairs, 6 folding chairs, and three 5’ x 2.5’ tables.

16. Refreshment Center: The facility has a refreshment area that includes a microwave, a coffee maker, and a small

refrigerator. Bring prepared dishes only and your own supplies. No cooking is allowed.

17. Audio/Visual: The Facility is wired for sound and has an overhead projector. Also available are a podium microphone,

lavaliere, and two hand-held microphones, each with a stand. External sources (such as a laptop) and adapters are not

available. The AV system is available for a fee of $30 per event.

18. Damage: The Applicant shall guarantee and agree that any UUCC property, real or personal, which is damaged by use

thereof, will be repaired or replaced to its original state (at the discretion of the UUCC Facilities Committee) at the expense

of the Applicant. The deposit shall be used against any such repairs or replacements.

19. Key Pick-Up: The key to the facility shall be acquired by the Applicant or a designee by arrangement at least one day

before the event or between 11 AM and noon on the Sunday before the event at the facility.

Agreed by: _________________________________________ __________________

Signature of Applicant Date

Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria


1. Criteria for Rental: The Facility is available to any individual or organization, for-profit and non-profit, whose purpose is

not contrary with the UUCC mission and who intend to conduct events in a lawful and non-disruptive manner.

2. Application and Agreement: The UUCC Facility Use Application and Agreement form (Application) is available

through the designated UUCC representative (UUCC Rep), at the Arlington Facility foyer, or on-line (www.uuccambria.org)

and must be completed for all rentals and submitted to the designated UUCC Rep. The reservation is confirmed and approved

when the Use Fee due pursuant to the Application is paid and the application is signed by the UUCC Facilities Committee

Chairperson (Chairperson).

3. Waived Fees for Board and Committees of UUCC: Use Fees are waived for programs and events developed and

sponsored by the UUCC Board of Trustees or committee chairs to further the vision, mission, and covenant of our

congregation; or developed by a UUCC committee to further its stated purpose.

4. Waived or Reduced Fees for Members of UUCC: UUCC members may use this facility free of charge, for personal

life celebrations (weddings, memorial services, or other significant event) subject to the approval by the Facilities

Committee. The non-profit Use Fee will be applied for life celebrations of immediate family of a member. Members may rent

the Arlington facilities at the non-profit rate for other personal events (birthdays, personal ceremonies, potlucks, etc.).

5. Recurring Renters: The Application to maintain the Facility reservation must be re-filed annually by long-term recurring

renters. The Use Fee will be paid on the first day of each month for a month. Mail the check to UUCC Treasurer, P.O. Box

64, Cambria, CA 93428. The initial month will be pro rated.

6. One-Week Deadline: The User Fee (facility plus AV and/or keyboard if requested), deposit, and proof of insurance must

be submitted and the Facility Use Application must be on file one week before the start of the event (or the first of a recurring

event), otherwise the event will be prohibited from commencing.

7. RSVP: Reservations are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The event shall be posted on the UUCC Events calendar

per the Application on the day the Use Fee is received by the UUCC Rep as noted on the Application under “Event Fee

Paid.” Note: Only the full payment of the User Fee holds the date(s) for an event. If the event application is subsequently

rejected, the entire fee paid (and deposit if paid) will be returned within 10 days.

8. Deposit: All reservations require a deposit of $100 submitted in check form or money order. The deposit will be returned in

full within twenty days of the conclusion of the event or series if no additional costs were deemed necessary by the UUCC

Rep and the Facilities Chairperson. Otherwise, the unused portion of the deposit will be returned after any necessary

action/recovery is concluded. Long term (greater than six months) renter’s deposit checks will be cashed.

9. Liability Insurance: An organization’s Certificate of Liability Insurance in which UUCC is listed as an “additional

insured” party must be provided prior to facility use. List UUCC as “Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria, Tax ID.

26-4706741.” Minimum general liability coverage is $1,000,000; minimum property liability coverage is $50,000. ___ (initial)

10. Additional Payments: If any additional funds beyond the deposit amount are needed due to damage or fees due to

continued use beyond the original contract agreement (Application), then they shall be paid in full within 24 hours after the

conclusion of the event. ______ (initial)

11. Cancellation Refund: A full refund of Use Fees paid in advance will be returned to the renter if a cancellation is made 30

or more days prior to the event, 50% refund if the cancellation occurs 15 to 29 days prior to the event, none if the cancellation

occurs fewer than 15 days of the event. ______ (initial)

12. Administrative: The UUCC Rep shall review all Applications within 5 working days of submission of such and the

payment of the Use Fee for approval or rejection. If the application is accepted and the chairperson concurs, then the

Chairperson signs the Application and the rental request is officially approved. If the application is rejected with the primary

reason listed and the Chairperson concurs, then the Chairperson signs the Application and the rental request is officially

rejected and the deposit and user fee returned if paid. If there is a disagreement between the UUCC Rep and the Chairperson,

the Chairperson shall convene a Facilities Committee meeting within 10 working days of submission to resolve the


Agreed by: _________________________________________ __________________

Signature of Applicant Date