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Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria

PO Box 64, Cambria, CA 93426, 786 Arlington St., Cambria CA 93428


Board of Trustees Meeting

Date: May 17, 2021, 5:00 PM



In attendance: (Zoom meeting online): Treva Boyce, President; Andy Feigin, Vice President; Susan Landau, Treasurer; Lou Pitelka, Secretary; Kris Fox, Member at Large; Mary Schwalbe, Member at Large, Robert Wilkinson, Member at Large


Absent: none


Guests: Randy Schwalbe


Opening Words and Chalice Lighting:  Susan gave the opening words.


Check-in:  Waves and greetings were exchanged.


Meeting Times: A final decision was never made concerning what we should do if we                     can’t complete the agenda by 6:30 PM. Two options are to allow the                 meeting to go later, or to schedule an extra Board meeting. The option of                   postponing items to the next meeting often results in us not completing the                agenda for that next meeting. It was agreed that, if during the meeting                       periodic reminders are provided of the time remaining, it might make                        finishing on time more achievable. At future meetings the President will                      remind us at half hour increments how much time remains before 6:30.                       When fifteen        minutes remain before 6:30, we will determine whether any                      remaining items require immediate attention. Ideally, the need to schedule         an extra meeting would happen only rarely.



Secretary’s report (Lou): 


Board of Trustees Meeting minutes of 04/19/2021 – Lou previously had distributed         the minutes by email. Susan moved to approve the minutes. Mary     seconded. The motion passed unanimously.                               MSP                  

Treasurer’s report (Susan): 


        Treasurer’s report April, balance sheet and budget vs. actual – Susan provided a         summary of the reports and said that there was nothing unusual needed to be discussed moved to approve. Robert had one question, and Susan said       that she would have to look into it. Lou motioned to approve the reports.      Andy seconded. However, it was agreed that Susan needs to provide      answers to the questions before the reports can be approved.



Old Business:


        Facilities Use Agreement, including the Facilities Use Application and the Facilities         Use Agreement (Randy) –        Randy provided the latest versions of the two                       documents and noted a few changes. A variety of questions were raised                      concerning in particular how decisions are made concerning whether a                        requested activity meets the minimum requirements. Challenges of a denial         go to the Board of Trustees. There was discussion about the alcohol                  policy. It was agreed that at any event where alcohol is served, someone                     needs to be designated as the pourer of the alcohol to ensure the minors                   are not served or individuals aren’t consuming too much. Another concern           was raised about whether an insurance rider is needed for all indirect                       events. Randy will contact our insurance agent to clarify when a rider is                        required. The item was tabled until the next meeting.


        Wise Council (Andy) – Andy said that Melissa James and Jan Meslin had agreed to         serve. He asked how we should activate it. Andy will write to Melissa and                    Jan to thank them for agreeing to serve. We will contact them when there is                a need. They would be contacted by the Covenant Committee when an                       issue arises that the Committee cannot resolve.


        GA Delegate update (Andy) – Andy noted that he is a delegate and asked if anyone                 else would like to be a delegate. Robert expressed an interest and will                       submit an application.


New Business:


        Email for (Susan) – Susan found out that it would cost us a                       substantial amount to have such an email address. Robert asked about                        whether a email address would provide more privacy.                         Susan will do more research and report back in June.


Next Meeting:


        Plans for next BOT meeting on June 21, at 5:00 PM.  Mary will give the                               opening words



        How was the meeting?

        Did we accomplish our tasks?

        Did you feel heard and valued?


Virtual hugs were exchanged



Meeting adjourned:   6:33PM 


Respectfully submitted,

Lou Pitelka, Secretary

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