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Board Meeting

UUCC Board of Trustees Meeting – January 18, 2021 

UUCC Mission Statement - We strive to build community through love, support spiritual growth, and promote social and environmental justice.


Opening Words (Kris) and Chalice Lighting



  • How are you feeling and why?


“I put my virtual hand in yours, so that we may do together what I cannot do alone.”


Secretary's Report (Dolores/Lou ?)

  • Minutes from December meeting 


Treasurer's Report (Susan)

  • Treasurer reports December 


 Old Business  

  • Discuss BOT action in response to UUCC Caring Team survey

  • Congregation Life Chair

  • Wise Counsel update (Andy) - Wisdom, Integrity, Spirituality, Education

  • Money for Zoomification  (Zoom Meeting Hosting)


New Business

  • Obtaining Sunday speaker permission to be recorded and published (Susan)

  • Questions about Google Docs (Treva)


Plans for next BOT meeting (All)

  • Opening Words for next meeting?



  • How was the meeting?

  • Did we accomplish our tasks?

  • Did you feel heard and valued?



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