Joys and Concerns

3/28/20 Andrew: This evening there was to be a potluck dinner at Mimi and my new home. We were really looking forward to getting together and sharing our new place with you. 

But alas, sheltering in place has taken priority and so no potluck this month. We will take a rain check and hope for the “all clear”.


In the meanwhile take care of yourselves. - Andy

3/26/20 Judy: I had a small joy today.  I answered my phone and it was a wrong number.  Nice lady from Ventura made the call looking for her mother's Memory Care doctor.  Anyway we ended up have a lovely 10 minute conversation that made my morning.  So nice in this time of isolation to have been touched by a stranger. Plus, we agreed to call each other again.


3/26/20 Cat:I am hard pressed to voice a joy because there are so many people despairing right now, but I have not had a rest like this in years.

3/26/20 Randy: One can watch round-the-clock coverage of the current pandemic and get bombarded with utter gloom and doom. All of it is real, but I took a moment to shut it off and go outside. It almost seems surreal, but we are entering into an absolutely stunning spring season. It is so beautiful here on the Central Coast. We are blessed to be here, but I will keep those who are less fortunate in my thoughts and prayers.

3/26/20  Laurie: My grandson just turned 9 years old.

3/26/20  Laurie: My grandson''s birthday party had to be canceled and we only got to watch him open his birthday present from us on Skype. No getting to share a yummy chocolate birthday cake.